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100% Renewable Power
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Attikka Chalet

“ATTIKA”, the unique chalet is named after a respectable giant tree also known as Cluster Fig Tree, found abundantly in our gardens that gives much shade and clean air and fruits to numerous birds & animals that makes our natural community.

The villa is designed to give you extreme luxury in a virtual natural habitat, probably found only at Kalundewa! Experience and enjoy as much of nature around you including various bird calls and sounds of nature that includes water & seasonal winds and noise of trees and their healing aromas!. Don’t be surprised if the feathered kind including a majestic peacock or an Indian flycatcher gives an early wake-up call on the door that may put you out of the bed! Sorry, it is their kingdom that we have encroached into and their rules apply; enjoy their way of life!

Room Size: 1700 Sq feet

Room Facilities:

  • Private Plunge Pool
  • Tea/Coffee Maker
  • Refrigerator
  • Hot/Cold Water
  • Hairdryer
  • Outdoor Dining Area
  • Butler Pantry With Induction Cooker & Kitchenware
  • Wi-Fi

“ATTIKA”, the unique chalet named after a yet another respectable giant tree

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