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100% Renewable Power
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Find the perfect answer to your quest for a Sri Lanka meditation retreat among the mystic mountains of Kalundewa. Sink into a peaceful state of mind that meditation offers amidst the stillness or opt for a session of soul cleansing yoga at various secluded locations at the property, surrounded by acres of greenery that face the majestic mountain range. Enjoy authentic and refreshing spa remedies at the mini spa and experience a getaway with a difference that will give you inner peace, vitality and joy.


Allow our yoga sessions to start off your day with a cleansing Surya Namaskar as the sunlight beams down from behind the age old Kalundewa Mountains


Relax and let go of your stresses with a bit of meditation. Find inner-peace and tranquillity amid acres of unpopulated wilderness.


Cherish the feeling of complete rejuvenation as our authentic remedies soothe your tired body and soul, giving you the gift of an energised holiday

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