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100% Renewable Power

100% Renewable Power
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Eco Friendly Profile

At Kalundewa Retreat we understand the importance of conserving and protecting the rich natural bounty Mother Nature has blessed us with. As a “guilt free travel destination”, we are not only committed to preserving the delicate balance of nature at our eco friendly hotel in Sri Lanka but also ensuring we uplift the lives of the communities around us.

We are continually looking to pursue sustainable initiatives and in finding ways to practically implement them into our overall practices.

With the completion and introduction of the second phase of the solar energy system, our solar farm can now cater to 100% of our electricity requirements. To further reduce our dependence on non-renewable resources, we utilise electrical vehicles in order to transport guests around our vast property. Of course, guests also have the choice of making use of bicycles which they can use free of charge for some pedal-powered adventures.

Kalundewa Retreat has its own organic farm where we grow produce using compost fertilizer free from any harmful chemicals. We have an efficient water management system that we use for agriculture of our own farmland as well as a large area in the vicinity cultivated by the local farming community. Our beekeeping initiative on the property that is growing, not only supplies us with quality natural honey but also plays a significant role in the pollination process essential in food production.

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